Where’d You Go? 

Find Your Self -- Lose Your Weight

(and pretty much every other addiction too!)...

...make peace with your body and food!

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s time for you to fall in love with you!! It’s time for you to reclaim your power over food and live an authentic joy filled life!! Learn to honor the role compulsive eating and excess weight has played in your life and let it guide you home to your authentic self where the perfect blueprint for you most magnificent life resides!!”  

                  Louisa Latela, author “Where’d You Go?  Find Yourself Lose Your WeightL”


Love really is the answer!

Permanent healthy weight loss is the consequence of self love and respect, not the cause of it!

In order to make peace with your body and food there is no way of getting around it: you just gotta love and accept yourself just as your are right here, right now, in this very moment.....and you have to be willing to hang in there with yourself when you are desperately trying to change a behavior from which you want more than anything to be free.

Life would be so simple if we would

just get

out of our own way!

But we have a tendency to make things so darn complicated!!

And most of us have tons of ways that we get in our way of having fun and really enjoying life, we:

* worry about what other people think about us.

* always have to be the peace maker.

* can’t say “No” to people.

* are the “life of the party” in front of family and friends,

  but secretly feel stressed and depressed.

* spend a lot of time feeling regretful or angry about

   things that happened in the past.

* worry about the future.

* gossip.

* feel responsible for the happiness of others.

* forget to put tending to our needs on our “to do” list.

  1. *allow our the actions of others, the number on the scale, or   the size of our jeans to determine our mood and control how we feel.

* base our self worth on the things we have, the

  money we make, or the success of our spouse or children.

* don’t speak up for ourselves.

  1. *can’t accept a compliment.

* over/under eat, smoke, drink a little too much,  or depend               

   on prescription meds to get through the day.

     ................................................ to name a few!!!

So,  how do you get out of your own way???

You get out of your way by

coming home to Yourself!!

You stop and take a deep breath and turn your attention inward.

You ask yourself, “What will support my Highest Good?”

You listen to and feel the answer that comes from within, then:

You act in accordance with the guidance you receive from you!!!

That’s it!!

It really is that simple....

But sometimes it just feels so difficult....

To “get out of your way” where food is concerned do this:

Before you put anything in your mouth  ask yourself:

“Am I physically hungry?”

If the answer is “Yes”:

Eat what it is that your body is truly hungry for.  Eat mindfully with passion and presence, and stop eating when you are comfortable (not stuffed!).

If the answer “No” then don’t eat!!

That’s it!  It is as simple as that...

...And as difficult as that.

Making peace with your body and food requires that you allow yourself to feel your feelings when you want to eat when you are not physically hungry.

It requires that you allow yourself to “experience the experience”  of not eating when you are not physically hungry.

It requires that you show up for yourself like you would show up for someone you loved dearly who was struggling to change a behavior.

It requires that you be willing to breathe into and embrace your feelings, especially the painful ones.  They will lead you home to your Authentic Self.

It requires that you honor the role compulsive eating and excess weight has played in your life.

Find Your Self - Lose Your Weight...

...make peace with your body and food!

is a compilation of concepts and thought provoking exercises that have helped hundreds of my clients over the years reconnect with their Authentic Self, their Intuitive Knowing, embrace a lifestyle reflective of self love and respect, and in the midst of it all make peace with their body and food!!  The book is divided into 3 sections.


Part II: Love the Skin You’re In ...

...leads you to explore the role that compulsive eating and excess weight has played in your life. Here you will find several exercises, concepts and techniques that have helped my clients over they years to:

  1. *Move tending to their physical, mental, and spiritual needs to number 1 on their list of priorities.

  2. *Treat themselves with love and compassion.

  3. *Embrace the Child Within

  4. *Identify the role compulsive eating and excess weight has played in their life.

  5. *Let go of the behavior of compulsive eating from a place grounded in self love and understanding.

  6. *Dare to be seen!!

  7. *Identify the physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences of eating different kinds of food, and of exercising.

  8. *Understand that they are perfect in this moment!

I also share how my somewhat tumultuous relationship with food and my body taught me the meaning of self love and compassion and led me to let go harsh self judgements and ultimately connect with my Truth!

Part III: The Nitty Gritty...

...has the fewest chapters but it is by far the most labor, or shall I say fun intensive of the sections! throughout these chapters you will find hundreds of resources and ideas for creating a joy-fill loving and healthy lifestyle.  Here’s where you get to put insight into action!!

In this section you will be guided in:

  1. *Identifying how your life will change when you are at peace with your body.

  2. *Creating a vision for your life that supports you being at a healthy weight.

  3. *Designing a daily routine that will support the manifestation of your vision.

  4. *Identifying and responding lovingly to your body’s hunger and fullness signals.

  5. *Identifying your overeating triggers.

  6. *Developing new self-nurturing living skills.

  7. *Owning Your Power!

Part 1: The Foundation...

...consists of seven lessons that set a strong foundation upon which you can build a conscious, joy-filled, authentic life.  The lessons in this section can be applied to any area of your life and are not specific to food, body, or weight issues though I have used those issues occasionally to illustrate some of the concepts.

Here you will learn:

  1. *What living your Highest Good means for you.

  2. *To identify when you are disconnected from your

   Authentic Self.

  1. *The value of looking at yourself through kind and

   loving eyes.

  1. *How you respond to your most commonly

   experienced   feelings .

  1. *What your current day core beliefs are.

  2. *To get clear about your intention for your life.

  3. *The power of living in the NOW.

  4. *How to live moment by moment in support of your

   Highest Good.

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